Sound Editing:

Philophon has 7 sound cutting rooms.The rooms are acoustically treated and have air-conditioning. They are to be found in a pleasant house a few minutes away from Luxembourg’s capital city. It is close to Bettembourg train station with fast links to the capital and there are nearby shops and restaurants. The house itself has a well-equipped kitchen and spacious back garden which makes for a relaxed and comfortable working environment.


Philophon’s re-recording Stage A is located at Filmland, Kehlen and has two cutting rooms available for further editing and updating Pro Tools sessions during a mix.


Pro Tools HDX2 (512 tracks) or Pro Tools Native (256 tracks)

Speakers : 5.1 Dynaudio BM15a + BM5a+ Sub Adam Audio

TV Screen  (46" – 55")

Digidesign  Command 8 or Avid Artist Mix

Audioease Altiverb 7 XL

Audioease Speakerphone

iZotope RX-4 Advanced




11, rue de la Montage - L- 3259 Bettembourg - Luxembourg


T +352 2654971